HEY GUYS I NEED HELP!!! i’m doing a project for school on influential women in punk and i’m struggling to find WOC and i really really want to include as many WOC as possible so if you know any pls tell me! i have poly styrene but that’s it so far :(

All the members of “Shonen Knife” and “the 5678s” are Japanese women (punk/rockabilly)
Listen to Las Ultrasonicas’ (Mexican punk girl band) song “monstruo verde” it’s badass! But JESSY BULBO (Mexican punk girl) is so so SICK!! Listen to her self-titled album (el enajmbre is a cool track)


Bass Drum Of Death

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spend 40 mins thinking of a reply to a girl’s text msg gang or die

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MySpace will always be better than Facebook and Tumblr.


nobody hates anime more than people who watch anime

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