The Atlantics - “Dark Eyes”

Surf Rock! Worth a listen!

If you’re like me, (and I’m not talking about the ugly part) you like to imagine music in movies or you pick songs that you think would go perfectly in a certain movie scene. I do this all the time. And this piece of music has got me all riled up.

Imagine this instrumental as the opener in a movie scene. The Protagonist starts out talking calmly to a number of men, though you can’t really make out what they’re saying, during the intro of “Dark Eyes” as it plays softly in the background, then as it starts to pick up something goes wrong in the scene. As soon as it hits the climax all you hear is screaming and shouting a big “WHAT THE FUCK!!” overpowers everything and then bam! The music goes wild! there’s a shoot out machine guns, yelling, and cocaine is blasted everywhere and blood hits the walls and floor. Then, the title comes up.

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    I was discussing music with Dad today, and he showed me these people. Pretty cool stuff.
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